Streamlined button design, 
easy to operate in the dark
Bluetooth for 6 meters, APP control
Synchronously control the intensity of PulseWave 
and vibration via APP
Super Swarovski Crystal

Powerful vibration roaming the whole body
Tease sensitive body parts
Preset 8 vibration modes for different sensitive areas
Intelligent 42° heating temperature control         

Revolutionary Pulse-Wave Tech
Adjustable intensity, up to 75 times stimulation per second
Convex in center and ripple design surrounded
Powerful Point-to-point waving stimulation
Wave-press G-spot at high frequency

Suction for Clitoris stimulation
Breast teasing, clitoral stimulation
Put on the suction accessory after evenly smear the lubricant
for an absolute orgasm pleasure
(Suction accessory needs to be purchased separately or 
purchasing QUEEN Set)

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