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The First Experience of Well + Goods 's Editor Natalie Arroyo Camacho With AYA

Views: 128     Author: Natalie Arroyo Camacho     Publish Time: 2022-06-09      Origin: WELL + GOOD

Since 1995, May has been widely known (and celebrated accordingly) as National Masturbation Month. The designation was largely in response to former U.S. Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders being asked to resign after putting forth the idea that masturbation should be a component of sex-ed. Well, we've come a long way since the '90s (pun intended), and a whole slate of sexual-wellness tools are now available to help pleasure-seekers educate themselves via masturbation. The newest toy I took for a spin in honor of Masturbation May? The Zalo Aya Wearable Vibrator.

The Aya is designed to be secured to a vulva-owner's undergarments for use whenever, wherever. Made of flexible silicone, the toy arrives in separate pieces: the vibrator, which features a golden magnet to securely attach the toy to your underwear; a removable insertable piece that attaches to the external vibrator; and a battery-operated remote control. While the Zalo Aya is wearable and can be operated by the person wearing, someone else can use the control, making it a perfect couple's toy.

For example, I tried it with a partner, who had pretty much complete control over it. I also tried it by myself in bed. Both experiences were pleasurable, to say the least, and to sum up the Zalo Aya wearable vibrator in three words, I would use: gorgeous, efficient, and fun.

How to use the Zalo Aya Wearable Vibrator for maximum pleasure

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Because you can piece it together differently, you’ll first have to consider how you want to use this toy—e.g., whether or not you’ll use the insertable piece for a G-spot orgasm, if you'll go at it alone or with a partner, and if you'll use it as a wearable or not. If you’re in the mood for some penetration, go ahead and slip the insert onto the vibrator. Otherwise, feel free to set it aside for safekeeping.

As far as how to use the wearable, allow me to paint a word picture: I'm about to put on my underwear. There’s an area of the garment that will go directly over my genitals. I take the small gold magnet, place it on the outside of my undies, then place the vibrator on the inside. Once that's held in place by the magnet, I insert the attachable piece to my vagina and can go hands-free from there.

Since this toy is on the smaller side and is wearable, it's certainly possible to discreetly use in public.

Since this toy is on the smaller side and is wearable, it's certainly possible to discreetly use in public. While I didn't try that, I have no doubts doing so would have been thrilling. But, while I certainly kept things simple and used my Zalo alone as well as with a partner (always in the comfort of my room), I found it thrilling to use nonetheless.

During the coupled session, I decided to allow my partner total control over the Zalo Aya wearable vibrator's eight settings (the lowest of which I found to be quite strong) that vary in intensity and vibrating pattern. I liked this experience because I was able to concentrate more on the pleasure instead of splitting my attention between maneuvering my wrist—as I typically do when operating a toy—and feeling the sensations.

It was also great, though, when I used the Aya for solo play. When I did so, I removed the insertable component and used the vibrator directly on my clitoris. (You could also use it on other erogenous zones throughout your body.) Without the insertable piece attached, the toy has a nice dip for my index finger, which makes it easy to grip and move around. I didn't, however, use it as a wearable when I was going at it alone. In my book, that versatility is exactly what made this toy an instant win.

You or your partner can control the vibration mode directly on the vibrator by pushing the power button, with the remote control that comes with the vibrator, or by using your phone (which, in my humble opinion, is more novel and useful in theory than in practice). To connect your Zalo Aya Wearable Vibrator to your phone, you'll need to first download an app called Zalo Remote Pro, which is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Then, follow the instructions on page one of your vibrator's operating manual to connect your Aya. No matter how you choose to engage with this toy though, it's clear that it has plenty of pleasure to offer.


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