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Breast Massage | Improper Exertion Can Be Dangerous

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A Normal Adult Female

Each side of breast is made up of 15 to 20 lobes.

There are 20 to 40 leaflets at the tip of each lobe.

Each breast lobule can be divided into 10 to 100 acini.



Vigorous Breast Rubbing Can Cause Breast Damage



1. Exert a Lot of Force

What you think of as breast enlargement can only be caused by touching the body to stimulate the secretion of estrogen, which makes the breast will return to its original state. Once applied with great force to the breast, it can lead to terrible results - breast damage. The tissue inside the breast is complex and delicate. If you press hard, it will hurt the structure of the glands, leading to subcutaneous bleeding or tissue edema in the breast. If you tear the suspensory ligament that holds the breast together, the breast will simply collapse.


2. Maintenance of Massage

Go to Google and search for 'breast massage' and see if you are attracted to the various benefits of breast massages. Have you ever been bullied into getting a chest routine at a beauty salon?


Under the effect of gravity, breasts will inevitably sag with age. This is not a problem that massage can solve. The mammary gland hyperplasia inside breasts and nodule lump also cannot rely on massage to eliminate. Must go to hospital in time for treatment.


Some masseurs use the wrong technique and strengthm and give you oil which containing gormones in order to make you feel effective  in massage. This is even more problematic. For example, damage to the glandular ducts will lead to necrotizing small punctate calcification of the breast. The hormones in essential oils are easy to cause endocrine disorders. And long-term use greatly increases the risk of breast cancer. 


3. Rubbing Will Cause the Original Disease to Spread

Let's say there's a benign lump in the breast that causes the surrounding tissue to be damaged and weakened. If pressure is applied and the already fragile tissue ruptures and bleeds, the bad stuff in the lump can travel along the blood to other places. If not, the lump has the potential to go from benign to malignant.

Does That Mean We Can't Touch Them Or Massage Them?

I suggest you KEEP IT LIGHT.

Remember to avoid your period. During the menstrual period, estrogen will greatly increase leading to breast pain, at this time can not stimulate your breasts.

4It's recommended to support the lower part of the breast with your hands when touching as shown in the picture. Gently push or circle in the direction of the nipple. Remember not to pinch.

In The End

This Is A Problem Not Only For Female, But Also For Men.


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