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ZALO is an intimate product brand created for love and beauty,who displays the reverent love to life and great feminist spirit,
continuously initiates product value and brand height,and creates incomparably luxury taste with aesthetic artistic conception,
profound technology, perfect materials and excellent user experience.

Brand concept

The beauty of women is the highest treasure in the world, which needs
to be matched with luxury and deep love. Women's lust is also subtle and
hard to pick. Zalo is well versed in women's physical and mental needs,
and creates an exciting and gorgeous aesthetic feeling from a special
female perspective, aiming to bring the most emotional and spiritual
pleasure to women.

Zalo integrates aesthetics and technology into a series of products with
excellent quality and gorgeous style, helping to improve the physical and mental harmony and health between women or lovers.

Product process and technology

Material: Dow Corning silica gel, softek technology coating, in line with
FDA, ROHS, CE and other European and American certification standards.

Technology: products can be controlled through Bluetooth and mobile
phone link. Users can download and install the app (zalo remote)
developed by zalo to realize mobile phone control, adjust the vibration
pattern, and adjust the strength with the rhythm of music and touch
screen sliding.

Process: inlaid with Swarovski crystal diamond, 18K / 24K gold-plated metal surface, jewelry grade environmental resin enamel and metal color environmental resin.

Quality: silent ≤ 40 dB design, built-in lithium battery, pinhole / magnetic data line charging, charging 1-2 hours, 2-4 hours of use time. The charging port is equipped with a waterproof ring to meet the waterproof requirements of daily life.

Private care products for women

Venus peptide cyanine private care set
ZALO Canada team studied the use of pads in the form of private care: "essence pack" on the "steam package", and then affixed to the underwear,
a touch of a tear is very convenient. 30 degrees - 40 degrees heating and hot compress, accelerate the absorption of essence in private places, enjoy
the luxury of SPA. At the same time, it can reduce melanin deposition in private area, eliminate peculiar smell, and solve the problem of female
private area.


Originated from ancient Egyptian culture, an ancient and mysterious history. Queen is the embodiment of this sexy creature, representing the
constant pursuit of desire and the process of brave exploration.
G-spot exploration wave stick: Queen and sucking suit


The design inspiration comes from the Rococo art and culture in the palace of Versailles, Paris, France in the 17th century, when Rococo art style
flourished. With the favorite style of dignitaries as the element, create the luxurious private products.

Rosalie Rabbit Vibrator
Marie G-Spot Vibrator
Fanfan Couples Massager
Fanfan Set Remote-Controlled Couples Massager
Jeanne Personal Massager

Sweet magic

A new ancient Hebrew magic world has been built. The goddesses and elves are guarding the treasure houses of different energies, which are placed on the tree of life. Their energies are connected and balanced with each other, creating the world order together.

Amour Remote Control Egg Vibrator
Courage Heating G-Spot Massager
Confidence Heating Wand Massager
Temptation Preheating Bullet Thruster
Desire Preheating Thruster

Annex series

ZaloLO small lime cleaning spray
Zalo thermal lubrication gel
Zalo flirts with feathers
Zalo low temperature fragrance Massage Candle

sales market

China,Macao,Hong Kong,Taiwan,Singapore,Japan,South Korea,Russia, Ukraine, Australia,New Zealand,Canada, USA,Mexico,France,  Switzerland,Netherlands,Portugal,UK,Italy,Romania, Belgium,Sweden,Czech Republic,Brazil...
  • 2015.10
    Zalo brand establishment
  • 2016.4
    Versaille &Lolita Series Released
  • 2016.7
    Fastly entered global market and developing
  • 2017.4
    Sweet Magic Series Released
  • 2018.4
    QUEEN Released
  • 2018.12
    Queen won the luxury beauty product of the year award selected by xbiz professional media, and won media reports such as glow, intimate, AVN, xbiz,sexual heath, etc
  • 2019.4
    HERO of Legend series Released
  • 2019.4
    ZALO BDSM Bondage Kit "Doll Series" released
  • 2019.9
    Amour of Sweet Magic Series released


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