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Joe Giudice has a new job selling ZALO sex toys

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Joe Giudice and Zalo sex toys

Joe Giudice has found a new business venture.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star has apparently teamed up with Zalo USA to sell sex toys to his social media followers.

"Partner, European Distributor, Zalo USA," Giudice added to his Instagram bio.

ZALO is described as "a collection of ornate, high-end adult products with eye-catching aesthetic at the forefront of every piece," and sells a variety of products ranging from $69 to nearly $200.

Giudice announced the partnership on his Instagram last week, saying he was "proud" to be working with the company.

On Tuesday, he offered his followers a discount code.

"Give her a Mother’s Day gift she won’t forget,” he wrote on his Instagram Stories with a photo of a sex toy.


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