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Make Anal Sex Easier by Using Pleasure Products

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Make Anal Sex Easier

If you are new to any kind of anal play, it's better to start with a simple pleasure product if you want to get used to the feeling of anal penetration. Beginners should avoid products made of glass or metal. Flexible, smooth and flanged at the bottom is the best choice for beginners.


Safety of Anal Toys

Start by lying on your side and bending your legs, relaxing the muscles near the anus. Put a plenty of lubricant on the toy and slowly insert it into the anus. You might also consider matching condoms, which have a smooth surface to easy insertion. 

Of course, anal toys with vibrating fuctions are also a good choice. Silicone is the best material not only for sex toys, but also for anal toys. Silicone is soft and elastic, non-porous and resistant to bacteria. It can also be heated to a temperature consistent with body temperature. 

If you want to avoid the embarrassment of going to the hospital, safety must not be neglected while pursuing sensory enjoyment. Rectal suction is beyond your imagination.

Add Anal Beads to Your Cart

You may experience intense pleasure during the movement of the anal beads. Maybe it's the pleasure of the moment of penetration, or maybe the orgasm is enhanced by the pull of the anal beads during orgasm. Usually the anal beads grow from a smaller section along the pillar, you will get more stimulation in the way you like. It's recommended to link the anal beads to a vibrator or something larger to prevent the strong suction of the rectum.


The Bess 2, an updated version of the Bess from ZALO's best-selling Legend Series, includes every practical feature the design team could have imagined. An anal beads and heating function are added to the female-focused vibrator kit. With effective cleaning, anal orgasm can be explored with your partner. Remote control with ZALO Remote Pro App can add more fun.


Maybe you heard that the first attempt at anal sex can be painful. There are many sensitive nerves near the anus, and many people experience intense orgasms through anal sex. Anal sex is worth trying for everyone.

Remember to pay attention to completeness, especially on the first attempt or in the exploration stage. 

1) Bowel movements and showers early to avoid embarrassment.

2) Play a piece of music to completely relax your body.

3) Use plenty of lube.

4) Try many times with a toy suitable for beginners when it is safe.

If you are experienced, ZALO Bess 2 is also a good choice for you. :)


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