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Perfect for your first toy, the ZALO Amorette and Hero bring pleasure to all

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We all love sex, not just love it, but actively need it. That is just how our bodies are designed, but it’s not that simple for many women. As many as 75% of women today cannot achieve orgasm through intercourse, and whether you are just starting out in your sexual life, are lacking a partner or maybe looking for something different in your sex life, vibrators have been the answer for many years.

That need for orgasm is part of who we are, “For women, a good sexual experience is more important than the climax itself, but the climax is an indispensable physiological satisfaction of human beings.” Says Dr. Hannah Yamamoto, Consultant Sexologist and consultant for leading vibrator manufacturer ZALO. Continuing, she explains about different orgasms that women have, . “In theory, continuous stimulation of the clitoris or the G-spot in the vagina can help women reach orgasm, but the required duration and intensity vary from person to person, so they need to keep practicing and exploring on it.” Says Hannah. “Toys will be a good choice of assistance or treatment for women who have difficulty orgasming in many cases”.

However, knowing that a toy can help your situation and finding the right toy are two very different things. For a first vibrator, a soft, safe toy that won’t hurt is the best option, with safety being the key concern. Beware of very cheap toys that are often made with inferior materials that can have carcinogenic properties, instead, look for quality products from established manufacturers like the award winning ZALO.


For a first toy, ZALO have two exceptional products, first the ZALO Hero. This isa tongue-like device that uses the super-soft and safe Softek exterior from ZALO. Made to FDA food-grade standards by Dow Corning, you can use this toy with confidence. A clitoral stimulator, it provides an exceptional experience that women love.


The other is ZALO Amorette, a vibrating egg that provides intense vaginal orgasms and lots of fun while it does so. Easy to store, it comes in its own case for your privacy, it is small but powerful, providing easy penetration and exceptional pleasure. As Hannah says, “Size doesn't really matter. Only the first third of the Virginia really has the nerve endings required for an orgasm, so beginners have no necessary to buy a huge vibrator.”With tilt up wings to stimulate the G-spot and the egg shape giving a range of sensations depending on how it is manipulated, the ZALO Amorette has everything a first vibrator needs.


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