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Vibrators丨Sex Toys: What Maks Them Powerful?

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Vibrators are extremely popular in the adult toy industry, as their pleasurable vibrations can offer a little something for everyone. Vibrators provide a unique sensation that really can't be replicated by human hands. A powerful vibration gives the user the strongest sense of pleasure. Vibrators come in a variety of forms. 

Do You Know What Makes a Vibrator Powerful?

Toy's revolutions per minute (RPMs) & The weight of the toy

The heavier the counterweight, the depper the vibration. But that doesn't mean every toy with a powerful AF motor is going to be amazing. Toys also need to be balanced. The vibration energy goes where it needs to go and not anywhere else.

Which Types of Vibrators Are the Most Powerful?

Typically, wand vibrators have the greatest RPMs, and the larger surface areas provide a powerful, overall stimulation. 

Is What 'POWERFUL' to Someone with a Sensitive Clitoris Also Enough for You?

Not always. Pleasure is highly diverse and depending on external factors such as stress/menstruation/medication. Sensitivity can change from time to time.

In the Magazine

ZALO's Kyro Wand Massager was featured in the prestigious women's authority magazine (Cosmopolitan) as the No.1 most powerful vibrator. 

ZALO Kyro in the magazine

ZALO Kyro Wand Massager

Kyro is the vibrator of ZALO Legend series. The design inspiration is from the scepter of the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh. Symbolizing royalty and power.

A quality vibrator should be both powerful and quiet with the best materials, especially body-safe silicone. That's what makes the Kyro Wand Massager such a great choice, as it features ZALO's innovative Direct Power 2.0 technology with six speeds and five vibration modes. Kyro comes with multiple attachments designed to stimulate the nipples or deeper parts of the clitoris, providing supper intense orgasms.



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