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What Do You Need to Know About the Orgasm Gap?

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The orgasm gap, or pleasure gap, is a social phenomenon referring to the general disparity between heterosexual men and women in terms of sexual satisfaction - more specifically, the unequal frequency in achievement of orgasm during sexual encounters. Currently, accross every demographic that has been studied, women report the lowest frequency of reaching orgasm during sexual encounters with men.

Pleasure is your birth right and you don't have to fake an orgasm to please anyone. Your real orgasm is always worth to try!

Why are heterosexual women having so little orgasms?

Studies have shown that heterosexual women orgasm far less frequently than others. There are many reasons for the lack of orgasm in heterosexual women. The clitoris is a source of pleasure for a large proportion of women. 


As shown above, only 18.4% of women are able to achieve orgasm by direct insertion into the vagina, with the rest requiring clitoral stimulation. But more than 30% of men have never touched the clitoris, according to survey data.

There're many other reasons, including:

ⅠThe lack of sex education.

ⅡThe importance of female pleasure is not fully appreciated.

ⅢFemale biology is more complex.

ⅣNot realizing the importance of pleasing yourself.

and so on...

How Can You Help Her or Help Yourself to Close the Orgasm Gap and Have More Frequent Orgasms?

Ask her what she wants! Effective communication and a greater understanding of the female anatomy are the key to closing the orgasm gap.

Enjoy what you are doing. Women usually take longer to orgasm than men, and your partner will fell gulity if she feels you're not enjoying it because it took too long.

Finally try to get a sex toy involved with you. After all, vibrations can be quite good.


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