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When was the last time you had a vaginal orgasm? Probably too long, ZALO Queen is here to put that right

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How difficult is it to achieve a virginal orgasm?Enjoying the orgasms that you deserve has never been easy, with around 75% of women never reaching orgasm from intercourse. Having some help to get there in other ways has been an important part of women’s sexual experiences throughout history, and ZALO are proud to have been part of that journey with several innovative products. The ZALO Queen is the latest of these, providing G-Spot stimulation through our proprietary PulseWave technology.

Until now, G-spot stimulators have been one dimensional, shaped to get somewhere near the right spot, but with just that same old single-functioned vibration. It’s no wonder as many as 15% of women never experience orgasm under any circumstances. However, once again ZALO have the answer, the ZALO Queen.


Forget one-dimensional solutions, ZALO has developed its revolutionary PulseWave technology to make that a thing of the past. Instead, with the Queen, PulseWave delivers a focused pressure point, tapping directly on the G-spot up to 75 times per second! That’s a concentrated pleasure, focused just where you want it. Not as random as a vibrator, offering better stimulation of the G-spot.

With the Queen, PulseWave is taken even further, now you can have vibration and PulseWave simultaneously, with directed pules to the G-spot and vibrations stimulating the surrounding area, for the ultimate in vaginal orgasms.


The Queen can be controlled by an app, connecting to your phone by Bluetooth, so no need to spend an hour looking for that lost remote. ZALO Queen also features a preheating function, so its at body temperature when you want to use it for an all-natural feel. When you want something different, Queen also features a suction accessory, providing clitoral stimulation for a different kind of orgasm.


With its unique design inspired by Egyptian culture, Queen is as much a beautiful object as it is a source of pleasure. Reminiscent of Cleopatra, the Swarovski Crystal heart and snake-like plates that wind around the sleek body, Queen is a luxurious, unique and effective bedroom toy.

Made from food-grade silicone produced by Dow-Corning, fully FDA certified and 100% safe to use, Queen is the quality product you deserve. Beware of cheap imitations that use low quality, unsafe materials that release toxic elements that can lead to cancer, always ensure your toy is FDA approved using food-grade materials. Queen uses our unique Softek technology that ensures the surface is smooth as silk and perfectly safe.


Queen is available right now, and you can find more information about this amazing product, along with the rest of the ZALO range, at


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