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ZALO Aims To Be A Royal Name In Plesure

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What We Want The Reader To Know?

ZALO brand products are sensual, full of artistic design, and meant to be thiught-provoking. We want ZALO to give satisfaction from a psychological standpoint, helping end users to evolve into seeing that pleasure products have so many valuable daily benefits.

Most of ZALO's customers are women who seek pleasure and men who want to see their pleasure needs met. We offer a wide selection of items that can also be enjoyed during partnered play, empowering couples on their journey to better intimacy. We've adopted all the latest technologies - from our new app-controlled devices to product functions such as heating, thrusting and more.

Every brand in this industry has its own strength and collectively, I hope we can push the entire market so that everyone can prioritize pleasure and have the resources that help them get their needs met. ZALO is grateful to be able to fulfill the needs of a wide range of consumers.

We think what makes ZALO stand out the most are our aesthetics. We aim to offer the sleekest designs, available in beautiful, rich shades that are unique and stand out to consumers. We offer a range of themed collections that are inspired by timeless eras and ancient royalty, including our growing Legend Series of pleasure products with Egyptian-themed accents, and the Versailles Series that features gold plating on its exquisite detailing. Although we have different series based on different themes, the romantic beauty that ZALO exudes is consistent with all of our products and that will not ever change. We want that beauty to be felt by our customers who will then feel desired and empowered using our products. This is the mark of ZALO.                                                


Although we have different series based on different themes, the romantic beauty that ZALO exudes is consistent with all of our products and that will not ever change. We want that beauty to be felt by our customers who will then feel desired and empowered using our products. 

How is ZALO Evolving with the Times?              

Put another way, it seems adult retail is becoming increasingly popular, in part due to a heightened awareness with health/wellness, so how is ZALO dealing with that newfound demand?

We see the sex toy market evolving to focus less on gender and more on pleasure, which has led to a greater demand from more consumers that are finally being catered to. We're happy to see the industry is evolving to ensure anyone who has desire for pleasure can have their needs met. ZALO is always aiming to provide the best products available that can be enjoyed by all consumers. Our products are designed to offer customized pleasure with additional accessories included with some our items so they can be used anywhere on the body that one feels the most stimulation. Through our goals of breaking new ground with innocative design and tech, we hope we are catering to the newfound demand by helping them see the seemingly endless possiblities when it comes to pleasure.

We welcome the growing demand for pleasure products and will continue to serve new customers with our products that are carefully crafted with a lot of attention to detail. We want every customer to be satisfied and proud of their purchase so that they can spread the word and we can continue to grow as an industry.      


ZALO won an SE Award for its packaging previously. How Conscientious the Company is about Packaging?

We are as dedicated to designing unique, elegant packaging to match the quality and thoughtfulness behind each one of our products. We believe that the box your products comes in is just as important as the toy itself. We take a lot of pride in our product packaging and are so proud to have received that recognition at the SE Awards. ZALO packaging is what tells the story behind our collections, and we believe our packaging must be effective in conveying the quality of the product that it holds. Our Legend Series packaging features detailed hieroglyphics with imagery of lotuses, pharaohs, and other Egyptian imagery in beautiful gold embossing all over sleek black boxed. Our packaging also features wimdows to offer a clear, direct view of the product itself. Our Versailles collection is also a consumer favorite as it comes in gift boxes with a timeless floral design that are inspired by the luxury and opulence of Marie Antoinette. We kept it simple with our Rose Series, that comes in stylish white boxes with minimal gold detail. Our packaging is highly giftable for recipients with all kinds of taste in toys.

Since packaging is the first part of the product that a consumer encounters, we put a lot of focus on making it appealing for consumers. We want our packaging to capture shopper's attention as soon as they see it on the store shelf, and we want them to feel encouraged to pick it up and make it their choice as a gift a loved one or themselves.                                


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