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ZALO - How to Clean Your Sex Toys for Physical Health

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Sex toys come into direct contact with bodily fluids. Unclean sex toys can cause diseases caused by bacteria. So it's important to know how to clean them properly. The consequences of ignoring this can be complex! We list in detail how to clean your sex toys in the article.

Using unlclean sex toys can potentially introduce unwanted bacteria or other pathogens - like fungi - into the culcar-vagunal environment that can lead to teh overgrowth of bacteria known as bacterial vaginosis or cause a urinart tract infection.


The surface of all sex toys is waterproof. You can use shower gel or soap to clean the surface. But we will also identify situations where it's better to more thoroughly disinfect your toys.

What You Need to Clean Your Sex Toys?

The fist thing that comes to mind is washing your toys with soap or hand sanitizer.

Surface Cleaning

  • Water

  • Soap 

  • A Clean Towel

Soap and clean towels

But it is not a good choice for women. Your vagina has a natural pH that keeps your vaginal microflora in balance. The ingredients in scented soaps can throw your pH balance out of whack, which can make you more prone to infections. 

A mild, fragrant-free hand snaitizer is recommended. Or make sure the soap you use is light enough not to leave a residue on your toys. 

Deeply Clean

Figure out what your toys is made of first! First of all, it can be divided into two categories. Non-porous Materials & Porous Materials.

Non-porous Materials - glass, stainless steel, hard plastic and silicone

Porous Materials - rubber, vinyl, cyberskin, nylon and leather

Porous materials are still prone to bacteria after cleaning. It is recommended to choose medical grade silicone materials when buying sex toys. If your toy don't come with instructions on how best to clean it, ask the seller about the best way to clean. Or read the following artical to choose the best cleaning method for your toys.

What About Sex Toy Cleaners?

If you're felling lazy, you ca occasionally get away with using a sex toy cleaner. It's a quick and discreet option that you can use to disinfect your toy without harming its material. It's better than nothing but not for everyday use.

It's better to look for a water-based cleaner that's both alcohol and paraben-free. Read the ingredients of any cleaner. You want to know exactly what's going in your boby. You should double check the liquid you're using to clean your toys that go inside your body are not harmful. Also make sure your cleaner is compatible with material of your sex toy.

Can I Wash Toys In the Dishwasher?

Non-motorized toys made of silicone, glass or stainless can be placed in the dishwasher for 5-10 minutes. But this method is not recommended. Cleaning toys in the dishwasher leaves a residue.

What About Boiling Water?

Make sure it is waterproof and there is no motor inside that could be damaged by high temperature. It can be cooked in boiling water for 1-3 minutes.

Can I Clean Sex Toys with UV Light?

There are two UV sterilizers on the market: UVee and b-Vibe UV Sterilizer Pouch. But can only be disinfected, not cleaned. UV light can kill bacteria, but don't forget to clean the surface of fluids or dust after use.

What About Wipes?

Wipes are a great intermediate cleaner. It's best used in combination with other methods. Because it can't be sterilized.

How Often should you clean your sex toys?


There is no doubt that if you don't do this the bacteria left behind will multiply unchecked. Because genital tissue is sensitive, not cleaning sex toys regularly after each use can lead to yeast in fections, urinary tract infections and outbreaks of bacterial vaginosis.

How to Store Sex Toys Properly?

How to store sex toys properly is as important as cleaning. If you put a clean toy with an uncleaned toy or anything that has dust or bacteria on it, it will quickly become contaminated again.


If the toy itself is sold in a box, it can be put in the box after cleaning. If not, a clean container with a closure device is recommended.


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