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ZALO bring oral pleasure to women anytime with Hero

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There’s a lot to be said in favor of oral sex, with 75% of women failing to reach orgasm through intercourse, it is often a much more reliable route to orgasm. But it is not the complete answer, as many of you will know. Not all women’s partners enjoy oral sex, and some fail to bring them the pleasure and orgasms they need, whether through lack of interest or they just don’t know how to do it well. Couple that with tiredness after long workdays and a level of disinterest, and oral sex can turn out to be unfulfilling and disappointing for a lot of women.

There are other factors too, many women feel that oral sex offers more intimacy than intercourse, but it presents risks too. Sexually transmitted diseases such as Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Herpes, HPV and HIV can be transmitted via oral sex, and unlike intercourse, there are no protective barriers like condoms to use as a precaution. But despite that, women love the pleasure and sensations of oral sex, now ZALO has created a solution that gives that oral pleasure completely safely and without the need for a partner.


The answer is the newly introduced ZALO HERO clitoral massager. The luxury, sculpted massager works using ZALO’s unique PulseWaveTM technology, which sends up to 75 vibrations per second wherever you want it. No tongue can keep up with that!

Safe and hygienic, HERO removes the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, which can be transferred through oral sex. It also does the job, every time! If your partner is not enthusiastic or dislikes oral sex, they view it as a chore. That can mean less than inspiring results, but with HERO you have no such trouble. Always ready to go, with fully adjustable PulseWaveTM vibrations you are in control, whenever you feel the need.

Easy to operate, it charges from USB for convenience, and gives you a choice of 4 speeds and 4 movements to tailor the experience exactly how you want it. Waterproof for shower use and easy cleaning, this is the oral sex simulator that you have always wanted.

The contoured shape fits in the hand, while the 30mmm swing spreads the pleasure around, giving new sensations and heightened pleasure. It’s not just oral sex on demand, it’s the very best oral sex on demand. An elegant design with a Swarovski crystal and stylish embossed buttons, it matches ZALO’s legend series of award-winning Queen products, and is a great addition to the set.

The Queen set has won three awards, and it features a G-spot massager with Bluetooth connection for remote control convenience through your phone. Together, the Queen and HERO provide every pleasure sensation you may yearn for, all in an easy to use, easy to maintain and beautifully designed package.

Through their app, ZALO have also brought new ideas, and a lot of fun, with innovations like a calorie counter that shows how many calories you burn when enjoying yourself, bring some humor to your enjoyment. ZALO give you high-quality products that look and feel beautiful, and they reach just the right spot every time. HERO is another masterfully designed toy that adds the sensations of oral sex whenever you want them. The perfect pocket pleasure system, it gives pleasure like no tongue you have ever enjoyed before.

HERO is available now, and you can find more information about this amazing product, along with the rest of the ZALO range, at or


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